zte MF622

China’s largest listed telecoms manufacturer,ZTE Corporation introduces their slim, compact USB Modem with code name ZTE MF622.The MF622 USB modem gives you truly mobile broadband that easy to use and won’t cost you an arm and a leg. It means freedom from wires and hotspots, and access to the Internet at breakneck speeds.

To use your MF622 USB modem you’ll need a few things. Your computer or laptop needs a minimum of 50MB hard disk space, 1 free USB port, a Windows 2000, XP, Vista or and Mac OSX operating system. Installation is quick and easy. And the great user-friendly Modem Manager interface to manage your connection.

zte MF622

The specification as below:

*Auto installation, no CDROM required.(The software is in modem memory)

* HSDPA/UMTS 2100MHz GSM/GPRS/EDGE 900/1800/1900MHz

* Support Speed 7.2Mbps.

* Internal Antenna + Additonal external antenna possible

* Slimmest and Smallest: Dimensions: 86 x 44.3 x 10 mm

* Stylish and modern design, Weight: 40 grams Only

* Less hot, not as huawei E220 very hot after long use.

This modem is also used by many international and local telecommunication companies, such as UK’3’Network, TMN Portugal, and also by our new telco in Malaysia U-Mobile.

Now this modem can be purchased from us for RM670 only. Suitable for all operators such as Celcom Broadband, Digi EDGE Broadband, Maxis Broadband and U Broadband.


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117 thoughts on “The new ZTE MF622 USB MODEM

  1. boxx

    can you send me driver for modem zte mf622 hsdpa usb for windows 7?

    thanks for help

    hvala unapred

  2. Ana

    Where can I find drivers for Ubuntu, SUSE, or any other linux?
    I have zte hsdpa mf622?


  3. lee

    I’ve huawei E1550, got it when i subscribe to celcom bb.
    When i tried to use it with U-mobile sim card, it always asks to unlock data card!
    Is it my U-mobile sim card locked or the modem is locked???

    kindly help!

  4. Tebas Van Java

    work in my windows 7 build 7600 after update 2 (?) Data Interfaces in Device Manager :roll:

  5. edwin

    hey i have a problem with my zte mf622 which can not work on windows7. how to make it works on windows7. Anybody can help me?

  6. mie

    edwin,i have some situation where i use window xp sp3 and use zte modem with no problem, for some reason i format my computer with window xp sp2 and then install zte modem, i cannot connect to internet at all… then i upgrade to window xp sp3 then problem solve. so maybe i can conclude some feature cannot work with zte modem.

    for window 7, u have to:

    1. setup connection wizard
    my network place>create a new connetion>click next>choose connct to the internet>setup my connection manually>connect using a dial-up modem>enter your line, me use digi, so type ‘diginet’ in ISP name>type dial up no with ur line manufacture provider like me use digi>click next until finish, no need to fill password and username.

    2.setting your zte modem
    go to configuration>fill config name with ‘digi’ if u use digi>fill dial number(get the no from ur line provider)>click ok.
    go to phone book, add ur contact number same in dialing number. close zte modem.

    3. open ur zte modem dont click start, click ur connetion that in step 1 until its connect, then u click connect in zte modem.

    the important is u have to know ur dialing number.
    try it… :smile:

  7. Kiplangat Tisia

    Post the IMEI: I calculate for your unlock

    lee: I’ve huawei E1550, got it when i subscribe to celcom bb.
    When i tried to use it with U-mobile sim card, it always asks to unlock data card!
    Is it my U-mobile sim card locked or the modem is locked???kindly help!

  8. Coqua

    I have MF622 modem with UMobile. Works great. Want to setup sharing connection.
    What router is best compatible with MF622?


    ******** ENG ZTE MF622 Unlocking instructions *********

    1. Unplug modem from USB (if connected)
    2. Insert any SIM card into modem
    3. Connect modem to USB port and wait for “ZTE Mobile Connection” run
    4. Exit “ZTE Mobile Connection” application and wait few seconds till modem will be detected by system
    5. Click READ INFO to be sure is modem is detected and simlock status = “ENABLED”
    6. Click UNLOCK and wait when operation will finish
    7. If Client will not reboot modem then disconnect and connect back modem
    8. Modem is unlocked

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