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Zte MF622 Configuration | MyCeloteh.Com

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Published on May 26th, 2008 | by Mohd Ghufran


Zte MF622 Configuration

Here are a few step to configure your ZTE MF622 USB Modem.The modem can be configure for all service provider such as Celcom Broadband,Digi Edge,Maxis Broadband and U-Mobile.

1st Step :


2nd Step:

U-Mobile 2

3rd Step :

Fill only Config Filename : Any name you want

Dialer Number : *99#

APN : For U-Mobile :my3g, For Celcom Broadband : celcom3g,

Maxis Broadband : maxisbb,For Digi: diginet

U-Mobile 3

About the Author

is a founder of MyCeloteh.com.Worked as RF Engineer at ZTE (Malaysia) Corporation. His expertise in RF Optimization mainly in WiMAX Technology.

22 Responses to Zte MF622 Configuration

  1. mart says:

    cmne nak check dbm meter kat zte mf622?ade link x utk donlod software utk check dbm meter ni?

  2. brian fraser says:

    I have a zte mf622 modem – i need an external patch connector for an external aerail, nobody in australia or the phillippines can help or even zte.
    hope someone out there can


  3. bantet says:

    can i use it to another operater

  4. norul says:

    confirm ke maxis bb bleh pakai?? aku skrg pakai maxis bb rm78… kalau confirm bleh pakai aku nak beli modem usb nih…someone bagi pendapat sikit berkenaan hal nih.

  5. shamz87 says:

    alo norul,ari tu sy ade try gune sim card maxis bb,tp x dapat coz maxis lock sim dia untuk bb maxis je. Tp sy x sure sgt. Yg pasti klu sim card u tulis maxis broadand mmg x leh. kcuali dia tulis maxis 3g.
    coz dia gne frequency lain.

  6. CB says:

    anyone use ZTE MF622 on DiGi EDGE before? I can connect to the internet using the suggested config, but I can’t browse, connect to IM or read email.

    Did I missed out anything?

    Thanks in advance…


  7. ghufxpert says:

    Try set ur network setting to 2G,digi using edge not 3G

  8. muhdzahari says:

    makaceh bebanyak! 2-3x kol celcom pasal problem ni, dia kata xyah setting apa2, padahal xleh connect pon..

    bro, interface modem tu, cane tukar? hehe

  9. nicolle says:

    how do i configure it so the modem redials or reconects automatically so I don’t lose the 3g broadband connrction?

  10. ghufxpert says:

    To nicole : for the time being,there is no auto reconnect features available.

  11. MSA says:

    I’d tried to set up a new setting for MF622 modem for celcom broadband. But the msg keep popping out ” pls insert valid U sim card”. what does this mean? the modem used to be use for 3 broadband in UK.

  12. ghufxpert says:

    @MSA : please create new profile,and make it default profile, if it doesn’t work, please download the dashboard from my software section and try used it.

  13. anep says:

    aku da try gne celcom punye 3g sim. boleh je gne

  14. cj says:

    MSA: I’d tried to set up a new setting for MF622 modem for celcom broadband. But the msg keep popping out ” pls insert valid U sim card”. what does this mean?the modem used to be use for 3 broadband in UK.

    do you have a a driver for zte mf 622 windows xp pro ? please can you give me a link for free download :sad: or you may send to my email pal its about 8mb i think

  15. cj says:

    anybody who can help me i need a zte mf622 driver for xp please i really need it but i cant find somethiung free.. i dont have a credit card tahts why i cant avail from file express there are lots out there … the one being posted here in the software store is not running … please attach one that i sworking thank you very much

  16. Linda says:

    Kengkawan cam ne nak tau modem broadband tu ZTE siri ape.. kite nye tertera ZTE jeee…

  17. ghufxpert says:

    @Linda : nape nak cari siri ?

  18. andy says:

    bro ada software untuk modem zte mf622 g? pny saya g bisa auto play..thanks

  19. fazli says:

    download driver sini for win 7

  20. zul says:

    sblm ni saya guna zte mf622 utk umobile.
    saya dah try sim card maxis 3g ok boleh connecting.
    kalau pakai celcom/maxis sim card broadband boleh ker?


  21. Yati says:

    salam..ade sape2 boleh tolong yati..yati baru beli Epad Android.tapi yati tak boleh nak pakai broadband celcom menggunakan ZTE HSUPA USB Stick MF 190.sepatutnye boleh.tp yati dah buat setting dia still tak boleh.ade sesiapa yg boleh tolong yati tak? thanks

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