Vodafone Huawei E172 Mobile Broadband HSUPA USB Modem Stick


Vodafone UK and Huawei Technologies have launched the next generation of USB device, the Vodafone Mobile Broadband USB Modem Stick or E172. Boasting High Speed Uplink Packet Access (HSUPA) technologies and innovative design, it will be available to Vodafone UK’s customers.The E172 enables uplink speeds of up to 2 Mbps and download rates of 7.2 Mbps. Within Vodafone’s HSPA network, the device will facilitate fast internet browsing, instant access and the uninterrupted ability both to upload and download data. Combining cutting edge technologies with sleek design, Vodafone’s customers can look forward to enjoying high-speed wireless access, both at home and on the go. The plug-and-play featured devices are compatible with Windows (Vista and XP) and Mac OSX, whether run on a PC, laptop or handheld device.

The Vodafone E172 is the world’s slimmest and smallest HSUPA USB stick, and was designed with the elegance of a sleek white piano in mind. Highly portable, is perfect for mobile users, and built-in features ensure that the USB’s cap cannot be dropped or lost.

Features Summary:

  • HSUPA packet data service with a maximum downlink transmission rate of 2mbps
  • HSDPA packet data service with a maximum transmission rate of 7.2Mbps
  • UMTS packet data service with a maximum transmission rate of 384kbps
  • EDGE packet data service with a maximum transmission rate of 236.8kbps
  • Auto installation, convenient for use
  • OS :Windows 2000, Windows XP and Windows Vista Operating system


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38 thoughts on “Vodafone Huawei E172 Mobile Broadband HSUPA USB Modem Stick

  1. Nina Bobo

    very cool… but my problem is with its current version (vodafone celcom bb).. i am not able to use it on vista of both my acer and sony viao laptops. help pls!

  2. dio


    My Laptop HP Pavillion DV4-1022TX running Vista cannot detect Huawei E172 3G modem, if i plug into USB port, but detected and running if i plug into e-SATA port.
    i just knew that e-SATA port compatible with USB interface

  3. Emiratez

    This usb modem stick is unstable if u have daemon tool installed. It is still working just got conflict with the virtual drive. I am not sure with other virtual drive such as alcohol it is working or not. Maybe vodafone should update their driver to fix this problem. But so far my usb modem stick is working fine.

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  5. Kolloh

    someone sold this thing around RM490. With that small size, does this not make it more prone for overheating thus making its lifespan shorter and less durable? I will using celcom broadband connection as it is the only way for me to connect to it. Buying this for my prolong use, is it worth it?

  6. ashraf

    Kolloh – MyCeloteh.com is selling it for RM490 as well. regarding the overheating issue, most of the complaints received from the ones using outdated Huawei E220 n some even from Sierra 875U which utilize rechargable battery. as far as we concerned, none of them received from USB stick modem users. i believe portable modem technology is catching up with mobile phone’s. :)

  7. sofyan

    This is a very good modem dangan mobility high, I try to type E 220.
    172 E modem much faster in the virtual world

  8. shajan

    how can i download this driver?? actually i lost my cd n software. can any 1 help me 2 find out da driver??

  9. shajan

    thanx bro, can u post url 4 download this driver e220…

  10. fefefe

    hello , i’m using E172 now (just bought it last month ) and everytime i plug in it to my laptop it always comes a pop up asking me to install data card and ask me to install this mobile partner . anyone have ever experinced this ? can share some info plis . thanks :)

  11. lee

    hi, I am using the Digi internet ( Malaysia ), can this modem huawei E220 support this? anyone have experien for share. Thanks.

  12. Tom

    Hi, I’m using E172 from Vodafone and I having problem with the its stability.
    Everything is fine if the modem connects in GPRS or WCDMA mode. However, the connection suddently fails after a few minutes in operation. Windows says network is unconnected and unavailable, and the USB is said unplug. I have to push and pull again to make connection again. Signal strength is good.
    Anyone have experien for share? Thanks a lot.

  13. sreejith.v.s

    Please give full information about BROAD BAND USB STICK

  14. Ooi

    I had previously bought this USB Modem stick (E172) for my Celcom Prepaid Broadband. Presently I have subscribe for Maxis Broadband. Where can I get the software so that I can use for my Maxis broadband sim card.

  15. ghufxpert Post author

    To Ooi : You doesn’t need to install a new software to use Maxis just change the apn in the software.

  16. Khairul

    I’ve just bought USN modem celcom broadband but i’ve got problem. When I plug in the usb to my laptop, it cannot install the software because it says “Administarative privilledge needed in order to install….”
    but I am the administartor. Pls assist me anyone..thanks

  17. Man Celcom

    khairul, awak backup semua document dan apa yang ada di desktop ke hard drive, buat user account baru menggunalkan user di control panel, ingat buat account admin dan bukan limited user…buat aja akaun logon baru…tak payah install balik windows tu

  18. Umar

    Apasal aku punya windows vista ultimate tak boleh install vodafone mobile connection program ???

  19. Amir

    Hi , i’m using E172 ( just bought it last week ) but I am not able to use it on vista of my toshiba laptops. can anyone help pls! Thanks a lot

  20. ghufxpert Post author

    @Amir : Try guna mobile connect kat software store tuh title dier Huawei E220.

  21. nervous

    to any Celcom Man.
    i alway facing the connection failed problem.sometimes when i pluged the modem,it show that the connection is ok,when i still can’t browsed the web, “Ineternet cannot display the web page”,i see the weather is good,no thunder ,no raining ,and i pay the bill before the due date too.what is the cause?help me..please..

  22. Harry

    common problem, why E172 can’t operate with vista???? pls help…..

  23. djailani

    I heving prolem with my vodafone e172 to connect the local provider like as Telkomsel, how does it to do thank’s for helps.

  24. Malugu

    How can i supply internet network from a single Vodafone E172 to three desktop computers and get accesss to internet at the same time?.Thanks a lot.

  25. tuandin

    nk tanya
    celcom yang 68 bayar bln2 tu data jer ke atau dgn modem sekali..
    sbb masa aku kn tipu dgn ejen ni kat pc fair, dia x cakap apa2 pn, dah ler ader contract 1 tahun , with modem promo lagi..

    bleh saper2 tlng jawab x..

  26. hasby

    help my modem there is no signal
    vodavone my modem model E172

  27. Allan

    I have change my operating system from windows xp to Ubuntu 9.10. So, how can I install my Vodafone Huawei E172 Mobile Broadband HSUPA USB Modem Stick?
    Waiting for response.
    Allan :sad:

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  29. cache

    hey i cant set up my vodafone stick to umbuntu, any help pls, the setup file cant open. where do i go

    thank u

  30. aman

    hai.minx tolong sesangat!!
    boleh ke gune celcom brodband(stick) tp gune digi nye sim card..
    its mean..buang simcard celcom tu n pakai digi sim card.nk beli bb n register digi nye mahal la..
    tolong ea!! :sad:

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