Today i will give a tutorial where you can share your Celcom Broadband in a cheapest way.In part 1 we used a device(D-Link Dir 451) that enable us to share a connection,but today i will teach you how we can manipulate one connection into many connection using the cheapest devices.During this tutorial i used my Sierra Wireless Aircard 875.

So to get started the devices required are:

1. 3G datacard (off course :-) )

2. Switch 5/8 Ports

3. Lan (UTP) Cable

Okay lets start:

1.Go to control panel and Open Network Connection. On the left side click Set Up Home or small Network


2. The Welcome screen appear.Then click next.


3. Choose First option.


4. Click on your 3G datacard Model,in this case i choose Sierra Wireless HSDPA


5. Choose your Local Area Connection


6. Give the description of your computer,just put anything it’s will works


7. Give the name for your network.


8. Done


For the other computer, no need to set this thing up, just plugged in the LAN wire, and then can surf the internet. Any question just raise your foot :-) .