Sharing your Celcom Broadband in easy way:Part 1

Dear all readers, I hope it is not too late for me to wish a Happy New Year for all. December 2007 is the busiest month for me, I can’t even post an article. Sorry to keep you waiting for so long. I received many calls, mostly from students that keep asking me on how to share the Celcom Broadband with their colleague. So today I will show you how to share Celcom Broadband in an easy way. For the first part, I will introduce a device that can be used to share your internet connection using Celcom Broadband. The device is D-Link

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DIR 451 3G Mobile Router

D-link DIR 451

Basically this is how its works:

  • The D-Link 3G Mobile Router DIR-451 is on-the-go internet sharing devices.The 3G Mobile Router DIR-451 enables user to quickly create a secure wireless 802.11g (108G) network and provide access to the Internet using your Celcom Broadband. By connecting an UMTS(3G), or HSDPA Internet PC card to the 3G Mobile Router, an Internet connection can be accessed and shared virtually anywhere within a wireless broadband network.

The details view on the rear side:Rear Dir 451

  • The Internet PC Card slot is where you put your 3G/HSDPA datacard, so you don’t have to plugged in the 3G datacard through your laptop or dekstop pc.The router acts as the modem and switch/hub altogether on one device.For sure you need to have a 3G datacard to make it works :-)
  • The router have 4 10/100 Ethernet ports meaning you can share up to four person by wired (LAN Cable). The router also works on wireless since there is an antenna at the edge of the router.In the admin panel on the router there are many features you can set like Network Key(WEP) where you can put a password on the network that only certain people can enter your network.
  • Not all 3G/HSDPA datacards are compatible with this product, here I list out the compatible datacard models :
  • Option GT 3G Quad/Wireless GT Quad
  • Sierra Wireless Aircard 875/860
  • Novatel Wireless Merlin U740/U730/U530
  • Huawei E600 / E620 / E220 (USB)

Here are some of the real screen shots taken using Sierra 875 Wireless Aircard :

Screenshot Dir 451



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116 thoughts on “Sharing your Celcom Broadband in easy way:Part 1

  1. sam

    i just bought the 451 d link router,i’m using maxis bb,how do i get the WWAN username and password to start up the process.

  2. zorro

    I could not get the DIR-451 an GT-MAX working 7.2 READY working with none of software version.

    though I managed to get E169 + soft version 1.03_WW working but connection goes down to 5KBYTE per second some times maybe the ISP dependent. most of time it is as claimed by ISP.

    now having troubles with port forwarding.

    has anyone succeeded with PORT FORWARDING??

  3. d3kams


    nk tanyer skit..D-Link DIR 451 3G Mobile Router ni kalau saya pakai K3565 HSDPA USB Modem & nak share ngan 4 biji pc guner LAN..ok tak?

    camner nak setting yer?

    arap ade yg dpt m’bntu..tq

  4. d3kams

    haii ghufxpert..

    oo..x support K3565..kalau saya guner E220 untuk share buleh lah yer..sambungan guner LAn tu stabil tak untuk 4 biji pc?

  5. ghufxpert Post author

    @d3kams : Guna LAN through switch/hub lagi stabil.Sbb sy pernah share sampai 5 org ok jer. Guna Dir451 ni kadang leceh gak.

  6. d3kams


    oo..camtu yer..

    ok..time kacih bnyk2..

  7. bebe reyes

    can i use dir-451 in weroam mobile data card 3G (usb with smart sim inside). pls reply to my inquiry. thank u so much!

  8. johar

    sesiapa di sini tahu setting router HW550-3G untuk celcom broadband? dial number, username,password dan sim pin perlu ke? mana nak dapat kalau perlu.

  9. ee meng

    AT&T OPTION GT MAX 3.6 Express Card 3G HSDPA datacard (Express Slot) was wondering mif u could advise me if this can be used with vista/

    do you have the cd software for it/ tq

  10. kdfgnsg

    if you wanna optimize your internet performance, i suggest downloading dsl speed, it can boosts internet connection, thereby speeding up your computer

  11. shazrina

    hai semua.. ade sesiapa th macam mn nk setting celcome broadband 3g ke 4-port wireless-N router brand aztech…. please i need help.. dh try byk kali tp x bole jugak… thanks

  12. shazrina

    hai semua.. ade sesiapa th macam mn nk setting celcom broadband 3g ke 4-port wireless-N router brand aztech…. please i need help.. dh try byk kali tp x bole jugak… thanks

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