Sapido GR-1100: The Smallest HSDPA WiFi Router

Sapido Technology Inc, Taiwan based company introducing the smallest 3.5G HSDPA WiFi Router with codename GR-1100. The product support almost all popular brand of 3G/3.5G USB/Express card in the market. The supported model listed below :

1. Huawei : E220,E219,E169G,E219,E226,E270,E800.

2. Sierra Wireless : 875U,875

3. ZTE : MF620

4. Sony Ericsson : MD300,PC300.

5. Asus : T500

GR-1100’s main functions, including Wireless Access, Webcam Server, Printer Server, FTP Server, Samba Server, IP Sharing and 3G connect to Internet function.

Product Specification :

3.5G Mobile Broadband

  • Access to Internet via 3.5G Mobile Signals.
  • Detect Downward the 3G, 2.75G, and 2.5G signals automatically.


  • WLAN : Support : IEEE 802.11b/g
  • USB2.0 Port x 2


  • Web-Base : Windows IE / Linux Firefox / MAC Safari
  • WAN Protocol: PPPoE / PPTP / Static IP/ Dynamic IP
  • WLAN : WDS / WEP Key / WPA / WPA-PSK / MAC Access Control / Hidden SSID
  • Routing : UPnP / DHCP / DNS / WINS / DDNS
  • NAT: Virtual Server / Virtual DMZ
  • Firewall: MAC Filter / URL Filter / SPI / DoS Protection / IP Packet Filter
  • User Account Management : User account create and access control


  • Webcam Server : Webcam view via browser by Internet real time,Picture monitor from LAN/WAN PC, Picture recording to FTP server or USB HDD.
  • Printer Server : Printer via WAN/LAN PC
  • Samba Server : File Sharing
  • FTP Server : Anonymous login,User login


  • Dimension : 91mm (L) x 80mm (W) x 29mm (H)

Download the full specification below :

Download Sapido GR-1100

Downloaded a total of 1464 times

Sapido GR-1100 is available in our store. The introductory price is RM480. Hurry grab it before promotion ends.

23 thoughts on “Sapido GR-1100: The Smallest HSDPA WiFi Router”

  1. Огромное спасибо за потрясающие идеи!!! Буду следить за блогом, много всего интересного. А мой блог о науке, надеюсь, тоже понравится ;)

  2. Translate the words above,

    Many thanks for the tremendous idea! I would follow the blog, lot of interesting things. And my blog on science, I hope, too, like

    Lol…english please…

  3. hi! does this router is use for internet sharing connection and other?does it support home pc .i have a problem since i subcribe the celcom e22o rm98pakage coz it only for i user .can i use this routher to share internet among my home pc.

  4. how much is the sapido wifi router is being sold? is it the introductory price or changed?


  5. i mean to connect the express card into this router.need to buy usb adapater first and then connect to the router or there is slot for express card?

  6. tak pastila pulak hehe… sori late reply.

    mungkin you connect je you punya card ke slot express card you kat you pny laptop, then sambung ke router guna usb atau wlan…

    admin… ooo admin? :mrgreen:

  7. Hi,

    I have a problem when I use this router and try to download movies by torrent. The small sign at the bottom is always yellow… the port is not open when I tested it. I have already done the settings and enabled the UPnP for the router but nothing changed.
    Need help.

  8. hi, i have this router for a few days and i am loving it. however, i have been trying to make it work in my car using cigarette lighter topopwer it up. it doesnt work. any idea how to set it up in the car?

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