Huawei K3520 : USB Stick Modem with Voice Enable


Get connected to internet and received call simultaneously, the superb features from this tiny USB Stick K3520 from Huawei. It’s even easier to use, just plug in your handy USB Stick Modem and play. Everything auto-installs so you get on the web even faster than before. Huawei K3520 equipped with MicroSD card slot, so you need to have only 1 device to carry around you to make a call, quick access to the internet and save your favourite song and document to only 1 device, how cool is that huh?

Moreover,to make a call it is not require you to have additional headset to put onto the modem,but only using your laptop Mic and Speaker, just dial from the sofware and activate your laptop mic and speaker and you can make a call at an instant.The modem also have a port for external antenna on the left side of the modem. For your information this modem is a cosmetic change of Huawei E169,and the costmetic part is done by Huawei’s lovely partner, Vodafone.

Your computer or laptop needs a minimum of 50MB hard disk space (for sure you have :-) ), 1 free USB port, a Windows 2000, XP, Vista or and Mac OSX (10.3.9 or higher) operating system. And the great user-friendly Modem Manager interface not only manages your connection, it displays all the messages you receive on your mobile broadband number.

Full Specification :

  • HSDPA Downlink 7.2Mbps
  • UMTS Downlink / Uplink 384kbps
  • EDGE Downlink / Uplink 236.8kbps
  • Plug & Play, convenient for use
  • Smaller and More compact
  • Stable and Reliable and Solid
  • With Micro SD Memory Card Support Voice Call Function (receive and make call)
  • Compatible with Windows 2000, XP & Vista operating systems and MacOS.
  • Zero CD Technology, Auto install.
  • Dimension 72.1 mm  x 25.7 mm  x 12.2 mm
  • Weight: <40g

The device is available in our store for introductory price RM 450.

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52 thoughts on “Huawei K3520 : USB Stick Modem with Voice Enable

  1. miss purpleza

    hello..nak tanya model Creatiiv USB Wireless Modem 7 .2 MBPS E1680 ok tak?
    banyak2 modem apa ya yg bagus? :smile:

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