HP & Maxis Broadband Promo


Enjoy high speed access wherever life takes you. Get a HP 520 Notebook PC and a Maxis USB Modem for only RM178 a month.

Enjoy high speed access wherever life takes you. Get a HP 520 Notebook PC and a Maxis USB Modem for only RM178 a month.

HP 520 Notebook PC & Maxis USB Modem Service
HP 520 Notebook PC (KD076AA#UUF)

• Intel® Centrino® Duo Processor Technology
– Intel® Coreâ„¢ Duo Processor T2400*(1.83GHz)
– Intel® GM945 Express Chipset
– Intel® Pro/Wireless 3945 a/b/g Network Connection

• Genuine Windows Vista® Home Basic 32

• 1024MB DDR2 SDRAM, 120GB SATA Hard Disk

Maxis USB Modem Service

Pre-activated with Maxis HSDPA –Up to 3.6Mbps access for 24 months

OWN YOURS TODAY! #0% interest installment plan

This plan is only available when you purchase this HP Maxis Promotion Package. Subject to other terms and conditions of each participating bank’s Installment Program. Promotion is valid till 31 January 2008 or while stocks last. Terms and conditions apply.

Call 1-800-88-4899 for more information
Monday to Friday (08:30am – 05:30pm)

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35 thoughts on “HP & Maxis Broadband Promo

  1. Bard

    Not worth it. You should be getting a core 2 duo instead of an outdated processor.

  2. roslan

    Does anyone know that cost of RM178x24 month include (Notebook + USBModem + maxis broadband (RM68)?

  3. Bard

    Not only are you getting an outdated notebook, you’ll stuck with maxis for 2 years even if you found out the the service is not up to your expectations.

  4. myceloteh admin Post author

    Totally agree with you Bard,make your own calculation and then compare with the price at Lowyat Plaza+Latest Price for USB Modem …is it worth or not,make your own justification..Beside that the latest laptop noe equipped with HSDPA modem aka built in HSDPA modem,so i think buy that kind of laptop more worth..

  5. Bard

    Like Admin said, i also heard that some of the dell higher end models comes together with the built in HSDPA modems which is quite convenient. Need to ensure first that these are not the EVDO system which is not under GSM.
    I personally would prefer a seperate modem device where you have the flexibility of using the modem at your preferred devices i.e desktops, mobile routers etc.

  6. ashraf

    betul tu..one of my friend bought Dell Inspiron 1420.physically it is datacard-ready.but yet it is EVDO mode,means she need to buy a separate datacard.

  7. Micheal

    I not satistied with Maxis Broadband since day after day im used, the internet connection become worse and always disconnected. I honestly don’t recommended any user to register maxis broadband. All you can see in their website there is no technical support at all.. NO!. I can’t updated my antivirus even im subscribe power package.. what the hell? 3.6? LIAR!

  8. ashraf

    Micheal – may i know where u r living? i mean where’s d area u’ll always surf d net?

  9. Sally

    O klu cmtu mr. JomCyber, kekadang menyampah jgk la wireless bb nih ye tak? Yelah, rasenye M’sia Today tu bkn kategori sensored rite? Lainla klu against M’sian gov’s whatnots tuh. :)

    Talking about the HP n’ Maxis combo deal, I rili DISLIKE contractual services!!! That’s y I prefer TM Net 1515 than Streamyx. :8

    However la kan, rite now, ‘the’ Streamyx RM45 unlimited connection + free modem package seems making me nak-tak-nak je with Celcom broadband… dan nak-nak-pulak dgn pakej RM45 tu.

    Any comments?

  10. ashraf

    hehe..kat malaysia ni, fixed line ke, wireless ke, sama je..kalau dah hampeh tu, sampai menyumpah2 orang dibuatnya.kalau ada sim xpax, try la dulu subscribe celcom 3G yang rm8/day.kalau x best, x yah la pakai.choose others like streamyx tu.wireless broadband ni actually alternatives to streamyx, sebab streamyx ni pun broadband kan..cuma dia fixed.that’s all.same la cam wimax nanti.ada fixed and ada wireless. :)

  11. Sally

    Eh jgn la mrh ashraf, itu my honest luahan ati je… u gune Streamyx yek? 😉
    Dah try, tapi I couldn’t connect to my PC, just frm my fon, so can’t tell if it’s good/bad, but ok gak le. Kot. :)

    And trust me, I prefer wireless. Like u guys too, I guess.

    Thx 4 the responses. Fast ones. Me using dial-up, so no wonder la ye.

  12. ashraf

    eh x marah la..its just a general view based on what i got from bloggers and other forums, not because of ur opinion.i dont direct it to u..ok?no offense eh.. :)

    btw, i’ve never use streamyx before so i’m not sure whether its good or not.i can give opinion on mobile broadband, but not fixed broadband. 😛

  13. chris

    anyone has subscribed to it??? I’m seriously considering it…

    was thinking of Celcom & Izzi too but don’t quite like the idea of buying the expensive modem…

    & what’s the Streamyx RM 45 package about???

  14. chris

    worth? I’m seriously considering this package. Is the laptop ok???

    & what’s that Streamyx RM45 package about?

    Was thinking of Celcom & Izzi broadband but don’t quite like the idea of buying the expensive modem.

  15. Sally

    But I’m sorry I makin tak suke dgn WIRED broadband. :)

    Tapi tulah, mostly mata I jdk rambang sgt bile nampak promo cmni, lebih2 klu psl cellphone, GPRS, tenet, …

    Thank God I found u…r blog hehe.

    Tengkiu tengkiu n’ tengkiu lg!

  16. Sally

    chris, some ppl say it’s for OKU (= Orang Kurang Upaya), but frm what I could see, it’s an upgrade frm the Basic Streamyx 384Kbps RM20/10-hour package. This promo should already ended on Dec 31st 2007 ago, but no wonder it’s still around coz’ even the laaast Merdeka Bash is still hot up to this date! :)

    I think you may wanna visit these URLs chris:
    a) http://forum.lowyat.net/topic/555918
    b) http://tinyurl.com/35kyly (‘Narrowband Migration’)
    c) http://tinyurl.com/2kcdt7 (sale ad at http://www.Lelong.com.my)

    If you’re too sceptical, call 1 300 88 1515, then ask the TM Net staff.

    Anyway, ur posts were ‘under moderation’ for hours eh? 😉

  17. ashraf

    i used to get blocked by celcom from entering ur site. so i have to use kproxy to log on. but now, not anymore. i’m not sure why telcos blocked it. maybe because they think planetmy can bring harm to their ‘periuk nasi’. 😛 takut la tu..so they might arrest u under their ISA.hehe.. 😀

  18. Sally

    Planet M’sia, maYbe sometimes ur blog post may be too open, sensitive, controversial, harmful, jelesful, etc. … jgn mrh, IMHO je. 😉

    Anyway, nice favicon there. :)

    And tadi kan, I called the 1 300 88 1515, then asked ape possible reasons a Website is blocked, but the staff replied “TM Net tak block mane2 Websites… kalau kene block tu, cube u p cek pop-up blocker awk…”


  19. melvin

    I am maxis broadband user, been using the wireless broadband services (with ZTE modem) for sometimes.

    The internet connection is down for months!!! Until I called up Maxis technical support 1800 82 2000 been told that nothing much they can do. Because they are waiting for technical support. My last question, “so how?” They answered: “Nothing we can do, sorry sir. Is there anything else I can help you?”
    STUPID! Feel cheated!

  20. jul

    I need some advices, please. I just signed up maxis bd package RM138. Initially wanted to use modem ZTE, which is cheaper. However, during online registration at their booth, the staff advised me to take up the usb modem instead due to my home address is above 5th floor although at hsdpa. Can anyone clarify whether his claim was true that usb could work better than ZTE.

    My experience, began accessing on landed property 1st-2nd day, yet connection was damn lousy, unstable and disconnect at every few seconds. Despite, the signal had shown full bar at various setting attempts, 3g, gprs, … the following day try to access from level 9 of apt, at bangsar. The same problem remain. From the beginning the call centre ppl guide me thru to keep on switching the setting. Still, I could go was 342 at max.

  21. ghufxpert@myceloteh Post author

    Dear Jul: What type of connection you got? is HSDPA or 3G? Because of the package you subscribe,you should get HSDPA connection.Have you ever try the 3G only setting?

  22. jul

    Hi ghufxpert,
    yes, i did try switching all the 3g preferred, 3G only, gprs and the rests but the result seemed gprs worked fastest among all. I surrendered the usb and the bad thing was the same staff at the booth advised me to surrender the usb on the next day as I was still on my trial latency. I insisted him to double check of his words with the care center. He dialled and I talked to the customer center people, and confirmed that day was my last day for trial. He just smiled and when I wanted to return, only then he asked me to return to ttdi. He’s really s**k! Imagine, if I returned on the next day, certainly I’ll be burdened with penalty which is actually paying the 18 months.

  23. jul

    Geram…’coz first he advised me to choose the more expensive, usb instead on ZTE due to my home address above 5th floor was a true claim or otherwise. Then, last time he did mention to me to just come back to him if can’t access, finally he advised me to surrender on the following day. Based on his experience and knowledge, can’t he calculated by himself when the trial days should have been finished. Or was he purposely wanted to trap me into such an i***t contract!

  24. el_barca

    saper2 y berminat nak gunakan maxis usb
    broadband sila hantar msg kat f.ter ak..
    xde bayaran permulaan..
    jz tuka name akaun n teruskan bayaran
    bulanan rm118 sebulan..
    speed-3.6 mbps

  25. SAnjay

    So called 3.6 speed….Maxis broadband is crap……they just want the freakin money from us……my streamyx broadband was only 1mb speed that was faster than this…….sheeeshhhh what the hell are these people are trying to proove…don’t you thin we should write them a petition or go to the media as this is a violence against consumers right…

  26. ashraf

    SAnjay – do your best to terminate the account.there’s a way u can try at 3g forum.hope it could b helpful.

  27. Loy

    Unfortunately my posting about how I complaint Maxis 3G broadband till they willing to terminate for me was lost during hosting migration. Else I can share my info here. Lucky I read here first .. outdate proc 😛

  28. kreil

    currently i’m using maxisuck bb…& will terminate it tomorrow.all sucks,modem, coverage & customer service…before sign up they sd can connect anywhere & anytime…liar!!after that,they said no coverage at my place pulak(puncak jalil & cheras perdana but b.kinrara to TPM ada coverage,puncak jalil berada ditengah.bdr tun hussein onn to cheras jaya ada coverage tp cheras perdana ada ditengah kaw itu).how come no coverage at my area??called celcom they sd maxis used celcom satelite,thats why maxis bb very bad.maxis bb rm138/1months for 3.6mbps activation fee rm100 & celcom rm98/1month for 3.6mbps,no registration fee…

  29. ikan goreng

    gang.. kt maxisbb tu ade tulis up to 3.6mbps doo.. x smstinye akn dpt 3.6 tros tp up to 3.6.. xde gune kot nk wat petition.. dowg da tulih awal2 dah..
    xleh nk mng.. silap kite je x seda + xprasan + wah syoknye bnde neh.. promoter dowg tu je haa penipu.. aku hampir2 mnendang punggung bf promoter tu.. sebok mcm la aku xde budi bicara lg….

  30. joe

    Im using Celcom 3G,3.6 package and i have to coff out rm 128/month for 18 months.since day 1 it was reaaalllyyy bad and screw up to the max! the blue cube modem is just a piece of junk!Imagine having to put up with 1-2kbs…u cant even update your antivirus…you tube ..in your dreams. connection is rarely stable,im gonna rid of this rubbish soon……..fuck celcom ,major rip off

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