Check Your Celcom/Maxis Broadband Signal Strength


Now you can check your Celcom/Maxis broadband signal strength by yourself using your 3G phone.How to check?The answer is simple,by using the software called Celltrack. CellTrack is a program to collect some phone information about the cell you are connected to – like the net monitor. These are some meaning about the information shown:

  • Cellid
    the id from the actual cell
  • LAC
    the Location Area Code from your cell
  • Net
    the net you are moving in
  • Name
    the name of the cell.
  • Signal
    shows the quality of the receive signal. The percentage value is taken from the Nokia phone API. The dBm values is covered with an at command (CellTrack62) or the newer API (CellTrack70).
  • Battery
    should show the capacity of your battery
  • Description
    shows the information from the database.
  • Diagram
  • shows the dBm values as green and the percentage as black line. The red lines a cell changes

So,you can test the signal strength at your place by your own,it is so simple. Simply click download link below:

The zip files contain for OS version 6.2 and OS version 7.0/8.0


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24 thoughts on “Check Your Celcom/Maxis Broadband Signal Strength

  1. Maxis Customer

    A warning from one consumer to another:


    If you love your kids, don’t let them use Maxis broadband.
    Kids who surf slower, learn slower and with the added pressure from having an unstable internet connection and constant disconnection could lead them to having suicidal tendencies at such a young age.


  2. Sally

    Dearest Maxis Customer,
    Itu post yg samer kat Planet Malaysia. :)

  3. Raj

    Honestly,the broadband in Malaysia is worst than Cuba. My Dial Up was faster,,,,,,freaking regret it totally.

    What other best options are available in Malaysia?

  4. ihatecelcom

    all broadband in malaysia are s**t! using celcom broadband and slow like hell. done speedtest can get only DL around 30kbps n UL around 15kbps while 3g signal is at full bar.. really hate malaysian internet. f**cking liars!

  5. mantoya

    How to get the CellTrack that will work on Nokia 6120c?

    Have the older version, cannot work on symbian 60 3rd ed.

  6. amir

    my celcom broadband also slow… here in skudai , jb, my ping it 200-300 somthin , why?
    i thought its speed was supposed to be 3.6 mbps…this is crap! cant enjoy fast internet gaming btw

  7. imstartingtohatecelcom

    i used celcom “beruk”band almost 1 year now..getting worst each day. lately connection become 0bps upload, 0bps download, after 1 hour use; eventhough signal is 4/5 bars..!! what the hell.. usage only 1.5GB..????? what the f*#k is this..???? i’m giving a try on maxis for 1 week..c how..

  8. bdak SabaH

    you know..celcom is the KIND one who love to lie his costumer…

  9. Jubo masam

    maxis broadband is very badass..i got full bar download speed are max to 30kbps ..what a fucking badass asshole!! i GIVe you bad Fart Maxis broadband!!

    FucKing NErvous!! :mrgreen:

  10. CIBAI

    I am fucking pissed !

    I have consulted with Celcom people before applying and that they double confirmed with me that my area are covered under high speed (HSDPA). So i get celcom broadband RM98 – 3.6 Mps package per month.

    After i tried my line, yamazibai, i always getting neither 3G or GPRS only ? WTF !

    Speed test showing my DL speed was 0.02 Mps, ping respone time 1200ms. Fuck lol, how do i able to surf net with this kind of speed.

    I am not expected a perfect result with was 3.6 Mps but at least if i can get speed of 1.0 Mps and i will be happy, but not a fucking 0.02 Mps

    Celcom = Dai Sohai !

  11. zul_gm

    This wat i got in gua musang with broadband weekly prepaid…


    😛 :mrgreen: 😆

  12. speedtest

    Celcom , 3.6 mpbs ….is fucking slow …. lie customers!!!! :roll:

  13. yapengleong

    All the ISP in Malaysia are cheater.
    They will cheat “all” their customer randomly by using these few matter frequently.
    Unstable connection or slow connection or no connection.
    Therefore, so they can gain more victims to share their limited bandwidth.
    They use G to seduce people.
    (so, people will believe that more G = more speed)
    Those people started to compare, minimum $ with maximum G .
    Majority of these people will end up with Indignation then Disappointed then Despair. And then change ISP (everything go back from zero)

    -Be patience, stick to what you paying for.
    -Call up careline frequently until feeling satisfied (best way)

    ISP = internet service penipu

  14. Man Celcom

    en zaini orang yang sama dari padang serai tu kot…kenapa tak subscribe EVDO TM..3g sebab apa ianya tiada pasal BTS sana dah penuh dengan pemancar…TM pun sekadar yang terdekat pun jalan ke sidam kanan

  15. zia

    sy guna celcom broadband attach kat satelite dish astro(yg tak pakai)..masukkan modem broadband dlm LNB dish(yg kecik warna putih terpacak)..then pasang mcm biasa kat bumbung hala ke pencawang terdekat kat taman sy..then my hubby beli wifi n 5meter usb cable…

    mmg meletops dia nye speed..try la…sy bljar benda ni dlm internet..oversea dah byk guna cm ni..mslh broadband celcom sy yg terputus2 pon takde lg..dah guna dkt 2 thn dah..

  16. rehan jing

    bole caye ke guna piring astro 2? ermmm masalahnya astro pun xda line kat umah nie dah 2 tahun tak bayar..

  17. Sally

    Apasal pulak tak bole caye? Ha, kalau nak ade line, p byr bil korang tu :mrgreen:

  18. aziz

    zia: Cleaker

    zia, blh pm kt emel tak equitment yg diperlukn tok buat mcm zia buat.
    Dan cara pasang?

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