Celcom Broadband Refresh their promotion !!

When i surfing Berita Harian,NSTP or Utusan Malaysia i realised that inside there a very cute light blue banner inside all news shown there. Guess what? Celcom Broadband refresh the promotion on their 3G Broadband or the Official name CELCOM BROADBAND.

Celcom Broadband

You should visit their new link, like always the website is flash based so make sure your browser have the flash plugin to view. To vist click this link :


When you enter the website you will find a very detail explanation about the plan, how to subscribe etc but one thing that i suprised that they mentioned about the coverage, so sad to tell when you click unfortunately they mentioned about the GPRS coverage instead of 3G coverage dunno why?


I think you better go to the Redesign Malaysia page to check the coverage for all ISP in Malaysia.



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4 thoughts on “Celcom Broadband Refresh their promotion !!

  1. lee chin sing

    i would like to ask about the broard band package of celcom

  2. ron

    :mrgreen: 😥 average 3line signal….low .. mostly 2line signal internet connection will off

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